Cannons come in many shapes and sizes and use a variety of ammunition.

Cannons need time to be fully reloaded, and this recharge time can be mitigated by skills. They can be fired only when the reload status is yellow or green. Firing while green grants an increase Critical Strike chance.

Cannon types range from close combat, long rage, and mortar. Players may have a combination of cannons on their ships.

Types Edit

These are available via the shipyard. All fall under the Broadside Cannons category.
  • Basic Cannons: All-around Cannons with no special strengths or weaknesses. Recommended for captains who prefer to be a jack of all trades rather than specializing in certain styles or situation.
  • Gatling Guns: very quick reloading time; poor firing angle
  • Precision Cannons: long range, good accuracy; reduced firing angle
  • Paixhans Guns: long range, wide firing angle; slow cannonball speed
  • Scatter Cannons: short range, high damage, good firing angle
  • Siege Cannons: long range, fast reload time; poor firing angle