Here is a list of the basic controls and hotkeys for the game.

Sailing basics Edit

  • Increase speed: W or Up Arrow
    • There are two speed levels; press twice to go the fastest.
    • You do not have to hold down the speed buttons; the ship continues at its current pace until told otherwise.
  • Decrease speed: S of Down Arrow
  • Left turn: A or Left Arrow
  • Right turn: D or Right Arrow
    • You do need to be moving in order to turn the vessel.
    • To turn at a sharper angle, you need to hold down the turn button.

Combat Edit

Cannons Edit


Left side selected for firing.

  • Broadside batteries:
    • located on both sides of the vessel, but can only be fired one at a time
    • use the mouse cursor to determine which fires - just hover over one side of the vessel or the other
    • Left Mouse Button is to shoot
    • Can only fire to the side of the ship, not forward or backward

Hotkeys Edit

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