The Destroyer is one of the three ship classes. The agile ship is an offensive, all-purpose weapon for those out to be an aggressor on the high seas. The Destroyer causes massive damage, and added to that possesses speed and maneuverability - which makes this class downright mean. Durability isn't a strong suit for this ship, however, and it's vulnerable to attacks.

It breaks down further into Raider, Ravager, and Brawler.

  • The Raider is nimble and highly maneuverable, with a fighting style best described as hit-and-run
  • The Ravager has an "Aimed Shot" focusing mainly on distance shooting, excelling in long-range battles
  • The Brawler is the melee of the Destroyer builds with ultra-thick armor and decisive attacks. With its "Fiery Shield" and "Rapid Fire", this sub-class has the ability to cause some real chaos.

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Kartuga Destroyer Class00:51

Kartuga Destroyer Class

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