Kartuga UI


  • inventory of equippable items, crew members, skills, experience bar
  • next to this are the slots for consumables you can use during battle, such as Repair kits that refill your energy, or short-term buffs.
  • the last slot is for the harpoon, available at level seven.


  • equip crew members – these have different effects on the properties of your ship. Officers, carpenters, gunners: a whole range of professions is to be filled there.
  • slots where you can assign equipment and items. As usual in role-playing games, you can check out the stats of the item in the item description with a quick mouse-over. There you also see whether it is worthwhile to equip the item. In the screenshot you see a certain type of ammunition that can cause additional damage.
  • small slot directly below the 3D view of your ship: there you can use different layouts of ships – the ship types that are available to you can be found in the "dock" tab again.

Top rightEdit

  • Minimap: shows quest target locations, location of ships (enemy, self, team mates, and other players), location of quest givers/enders; buttons include zoom in/out and the Zone Map
  • Directly below the minimap is the Quest Tracker. This can be collapsed and expanded by clicking on it.
  • Buttons: Buy gems, Contact list, Shipyard, Quest Log, Rankings, Skill Book, Skill Tree, Inventory & Equipment, Guild, Options, Logout


Top leftEdit

Bottom rightEdit

Here you will find the chat panel. Players can switch between "Public" and "Log Book", which shows the actions taken by and around them. The bottom arrow will expand/collapse the chat pane.