The Equipment & Inventory (names reversed on the button) book can be accessed via the ship button in the top right of the screen, next to the Guild and Skill Tree buttons above the minimap. Alternatively, it can be access by pressing the "I" button.

The central window shows a picture of the Ship Type the player currently is playing with. The type is directly related to what class they have chosen.

  • Above the central window are a row of slots dedicated to Crew (five total).
  • To the left of the central window are slots for cannon selection and two for ammunition.
  • To the right of the central window are slots for Consumables.

Below the central window are two tabs. Additional slots can be obtained via research through the Shipyard interface:

  • The Inventory tab displays all currently owned but unused crew, ammunition, cannons, and consumables. What is displayed can be sorted by those categories.
  • The Dock tab displays stored ship types.

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