Developer(s) Ticking Bomb Games
Publisher(s) InnoGames
Platform(s) PC
Genre(s) MMOG

Kartuga is a free-to-play browser game packed with a strong focus on PvP. Prepare your ship and sail through a beautiful 3D-environment to seek your next battle in this pirate-based action MMOG. The title, out to set a new standard of quality in browser games, is based on Unity 3D.

Closed beta began February 27, 2013.


Players assume the captain role on of three playable ship classes. These adventurers fight with or against other players for honor, glory, and loot in a stylized fantasy setting featuring eclectic nautical elements from around the world. Sailing across seas scattered with Mediterranean, Oriental and Mayan influences, players can unite in mighty guilds, acting out the punk-like, rebellious nature of true pirates!


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In Kartuga, adventurers set out to become the greatest pirate of all time by constantly improving their ship, its crew, and equipment. In order to do that, one must face exciting and demanding tasks and challenges.

  • PvP battles: Cooperative PvP is at the heart of Kartuga. In 4vs4-matches only the strongest teams will prevail. Players can choose if they prefer Domination, a fast-paced variation of classic king-of-the-hill, and Destruction, a mode where a bomb has to be detonated in the enemy team's base.
  • Ship Classes: There are three classes to choose from - the graceful Destroyer, mighty Protector, or versatile Engineer. All come with their own combination of strengths and weaknesses as well as numerous unique skills.
  • Progression: Players are the captain of their ship – in order to level up, they complete PvP missions and PVE quests, gather loot, improve gear and crew. Earning experience unlocks dozens of skills, ships, and hundreds of items. Only the strongest will survive the seas of Kartuga.
  • Play your way: The thrice-branched skill tree of every class enables players to adjust to their individual play style. As they level up, they unlock new active and passive abilities from one of their classes' three specializations, which can be freely combined.
  • A Vibrant World: Aspiring Captains explore the oceans of Kartuga to gather missions, discover exciting areas and find brethren of the seas. Three large kingdoms can be found in the game: While Ithosia is reminiscent of the Mediterranean, Kartu plays with Mayan influences, and The Empire of the Sun is inspired by the Orient.

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