The map can be access via the "Open zone map" button on the minimap. The first view offered is that of the zone the player is currently in. The bottom right button ("?") opens up the map's legend, while the bottom left button (magnifying glass) opens up the world view.

The world view shows all the zones within Kartuga and their associated main cities. Travel between cities is accomplished by clicking on one and then paying a gem fee to travel (currently Gems50).

The following zones are known:

  • Northcap: starting
    • Chapter 01: Level 1-4
    • Chapter 08: Level 26-30
  • Emerald Waters
    • Chapter 02: Level 5-7
    • Chapter 07: Level 21-25
  • The Blood Sea
    • Chapter 03: Level 8-10
    • Chapter 09: Level 31-34
  • World's End
    • Chapter 04: Level 11-14
    • Chapter 06: Level 19-20
    • Chapter 10: Level 35-37
  • The Sea of Tears
    • Chapter 05: Level 15-18
    • Chapter 11: Level 38-40

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