The Protector is one of the three ship classes available. The powerful battleship is the most robust class of the pirate game and fearlessly sets sail to join any battle. The Protector has a number of defensive and offensive skills, which makes him a valuable addition to every team. Its defensive abilities make the Protector the perfect class to draw enemy fire and protect teammates.

It is the strongest class in defense, with a skill tree divided into Bulwark, Wrangler, and Suppressor.

  • Bulwark: a swimming fortress; its defense is nearly impenetrable, a heavy defender which is nearly unsinkable
  • Wrangler: counts on melee skills like "Feel My Pain" and can always be found on the front line; less heavily fortified, but easily sinks targets with its precise critical strikes
  • Suppressor: a slightly less armored sub-class, but features the precise and deadly "Watery Grave" skill; acts as "big brother" in every team and defends smaller mates, using close combat skills

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